Tipperary Sports Partnership are facilitating a workshop on Mastering Midlife for Women.
This workshop will discuss the areas of exercise, nutrition and menopause.

This workshop will take place on the following dates
Anner Hotel, Thurles on January 13th from 9am to 1 pm Booking is through this link https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/mastering-mid-life-for-women-tickets-7940612... Booked Out
Carraig Hotel, Carrick on Suir on March 2nd from 9am to 1 pm Booking is through this link https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/mastering-midlife-for-women-tickets-77828227...

Exercise, Nutrition & Menopause
We all know the benefits of exercise & nutrition for maintaining life-long health but for Midlife Women, hormonal change can sometimes make it difficult to continue with our normal routines.
The two big questions are “Why has exercise become so hard” and “Why have I gained weight?”
There is no one answer to this question, the answer lies in figuring out our menopause jigsaw of HRT (optional), specific exercise, specific nutrition and self-care.
When all the pieces in the jigsaw join that is where the magic happens, and we get back to feeling like ourselves again.
Irene Clark (Midlife Coaching Professional) will host two 4 hour workshop Mastering Midlife for Women on a Saturday mornings in Thurles and Carrick on Suir.
The workshop is ideal for all women from 35+ years, who are wondering how peri-menopause and menopause is affecting them mentally and physically and how making small changes can increase energy levels, improve sleep & mood and decrease weight gain.
Cost of the workshop is €20 plus online booking fee – places are limited so early booking is advised.

The workshop includes information on the following:
Hormones – understanding menopause and midlife…. ‘It’s not me it’s my hormones!’
• How hormonal health impacts us
• Effects of Menopause on our muscles & bones
• Why it happens, recognising symptoms and how to take control of menopause.
• What are the main symptoms?
• HRT Risks & Benefits
• How lifestyle impacts menopause

• Answering the big question ‘why does exercise feel so hard’
• Making exercise choices – how do different types of training benefit you
• What strength training really is (and isn’t)
• Why am I always injured?

• The importance of recovery
• What recovery is (and isn’t)
• Effect of ageing and hormones on recovery
• Stress Management

• Why am I doing everything ‘right’ but gaining weight? (Joining the dots between menopause, exercise, nutrition)
• Why are we craving foods?
• How do we nourish our bodies before, during, and after exercise?
• How do I increase my protein intake?

For further information contact us on email info@tipperarysports.ie or call the TSP office on 052 6166201 or 052 6166380

Please bring any pen and paper that you require and dress in comfortable attire, you will not be asked to participate in any activity during the workshop.

Mastering Midlife for Women.