Swim for A Mile - Tipperary 2018

Our 10 week coached training sessions are fully booked in Thurles, Clonmel and Tipperary Town. But don’t worry you can still complete your Swim for a Mile training yourself by signing up for free on www.swimforamile.com to access the weekly training sessions, tips and a weekly newsletter.
For all of you interested in completing the Swim for a Mile event, for the first time Tipperary will be hosting the event in Thurles Leisure Centre from 4-7pm on Saturday the 14th April 2018. To sign up for the event log on to www.swimforamile.com register for the challenge and choose Thurles as your pool. The event costs 30 euro to sign up and can be paid online.

For any queries regarding Swim for a Mile contact the TSP office on 052-6187080

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