Race Day Instructions

The race will start at 10.45am sharp on Sunday 29th September 2019 at The Quays Clonmel
  • The warm up will begin at 10.30am sharp.
  • Please park in the public car parks in the area.
  • Please obey all marshal/steward instructions.
  • Your timing chip is secured to the rear of your Official Race (bib) Number & your result will be available on the official race website www.tippminimarathon.ie the following day.
  • Wear your race (bib) number on the front and it must be visible at all times.
  • You will receive your race medal when you cross the finishing line.
  • Use of ipods/ear phones is not permitted as you may not hear race marshal instructions.
  • Don't suddenly stop in the middle of the race. If you feel you need to tighten your shoelaces or you've a stone in your shoe, move across to the side of the road first and take whatever action is needed. Chaos will result if you suddenly stop without warning!
  • Drinks stations are often the place where most damage can be done. Don't suddenly veer across in front of another runner to grab a water bottle. Take your turn and remember that often the far end of the station will be empty. Don't take more than you need and remember there will probably be plenty of people behind you whose requirements may be greater than yours. There will be 2 water stations on the route. Porterloos will be located at the Start/Finish area.
  • Always take note of instructions given to you by marshals throughout the race. Although you might not always agree with them they are there to help and advise and to look after your safety. Say thanks to them whenever you can. They will be volunteers who have given their time for your benefit.
  • Clonmel Swimming Pool has kindly offered the use of their shower facilities after the race, if you wish to have a shower.

Most importantly have fun and enjoy it, but stay safe!

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