Our Strategy

Our Mission:
Collaboration for variety, opportunities and participants. Operating in partnership to reach and respond to our people.

Tipperary Sports Partnership strategic plan for 2016 – 2020 is structured on five pillars:

1.Participation: first and foremost TSP will promote the enjoyment that comes from
participation in sports and physical activity. In so doing we will increase the numbers,
volume and range of participation across our community, especially amongst those
who participate the least and those who are excluded the most.

2. Sustainable Infrastructure: we will assist in the greater use of existing natural and built
infrastructure, and we will proactively engage in planning and developing sustainable
new infrastructure especially where it addresses a clear need and is multi-use and

3. Training and Education: We will continue to support the training and education
needs of the volunteer coaches and administrators who are the sport-makers in our

4. Information and Communications: Provision is nothing without awareness. TSP will
work with others to become an information hub for sports and physical activity for

5. TSP Structures and Administration: as part of our governance process, we will continue
to make best use of our resources so as to develop and strengthen sports and physical
activity in the County.