Go For Life

Go for Life is an Age and Opportunity initiativefunded by the ISC. The Go for Life team at Age and Opportunity administer the programme, working in partnership with the Health Service Executive (HSE) and the LSPs. There are two Go for Life programmes:

Sports Participation Programme

Aims to increase participation rates in sport by older people. Leaders are trained locally through the LSP network, and they in turn promote participation in sport among older people in their communities.

Physical Activity Leaders (PAL)

Organise physical activities for older adults, and are often older people themselves belonging to a local group that includes older people among its members. To become a PAL, you must attend a series of eight workshops, organised locally by the HSE and LSP over a set number of weeks in a specific area, and these workshops enable you to plan and lead health enhancing physical activity sessions for older people. Tipperary Sports Partnership in conjunction with Age & Opportunity and the HSE deliver Physical Activity Leaders (PALs) workshops locally. The aim of these workshops is to provide information, ideas and skills to leaders so that they can implement programmes to involve older adults in physical activity. Leaders tend to be members of community groups like active retirement associations or clubs.

A Go for Life Leader will come and carry out a series of 9 Workshops which involves different activities for older adults such as Basic Principals, Sit-Fit Activities, Better Balance, Going Strong, Rolling & Bowling, Pitching & Tossing, Stepping & Strolling and PALs Skills and a final Whirling & Twirling Workshop. A Certificate of Completion will be given to those who complete the 8 Workshops. This will enable the PAL (Phyical Activity Leaders) to bring back what they have learned to their own Group Active Retirement Groups.

There is also an Older Adults Festival which is organised and funded by Tipperary Sports Partnership.

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