#ASW21 encourages schools and homes to work together to help more children and young people gain more active minutes every day. National #ASW21 takes place 26th - 30th April, but if those dates don’t suit your school, you are free to choose a different week, later in the term.
IMPORTANT: – All #ASW21 activities must comply with COVID-safety guidelines

Active Every Day challenges schools to find three different ways to energise the school day, every day.
Parents/guardians are asked to encourage young people to find two other ways to be active, after school, for 7 days. Even better if the whole family joins in!

#ASW21 Challenges
As part of this challenge, schools are asked to send out #ASW21 Challenges. These physical activity challenges could be set by a member of staff, a sports organisation, a local/ national role model, or even by one of Ireland’s Tokyo 2021 Olympians.

Whatever the challenge, the main thing is, it’s FUN!

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Active School Week 2021